Virus production

Rocketing virus titer or viral products in host cell culturing


Viral vectors can be transfected into HEK 293 cells and generated by the standard and optimization protocols. The specific virus will be packaged and released to culture medium. After virus purification from the culture medium, viral titer can be validated using qPCR or ELISA assay.

C.BIRD offers continuous mixing as a multiple pipetting system, which enables the homogeneous nutrition environment and constant oxygen supply, which can increase the viral titer in every production procedure.


Hybridoma is the fused cell of primary B cell and myeloma cell which produce specific and identical antibodies for an unique epitope. The stable hybridoma has both capabilities of immortalization and monoclonal antibody producing, which is widely used for laboratory immunoassay or immunodiagnosis.

The mammals such as mice or rabbit, are injected with an antigen to induce an immune response. The antibody producing B cells are then isolated from the mammals to fuse with myeloma cell as a hybrid cell line called hybridoma. The mixture of hybridomas are necessary to separate single cell to ensure monoclonality, and then expand to a larger scale over several weeks.

HEK293 for virus production

Performance data

Enhancing the Cell Growth and Protein Productivity of Adherent Cell Line HEK293

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