Streamline the path
from culture to discovery

A robust, flexible & reliable system for everyday culturing

High-throughput Cultivation

  • Four incubation chambers in one system
  • Perform up to eight plates of static culture or up to four plates of mixing culture

Optimized Environment

  • Compact plate holder design
  • Independent control of temperature and CO2 level in each chamber
  • Humidity monitoring
  • UV sterilization

Outstanding Flexibility

  • Culture in multiple conditions by combining static and mixing environments in a single system
  • Powerful mixing expands the range of application areas
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Designed to support superior
cell growth and maintenance
of a variety of cell lines and
mammalian cells, even in single cell and 3D cultures.

Innovative design

The compact plate holder is designed to offer a more optimized environment and reduce evaporation during cell culture while offering a superior user experience.

The chamber’s height allows two microwell plates to be placed in one chamber.

Equipped with electromagnetic lock and linear guideways that makes automation procedure possible.

Flexible solution

The C.NEST system can be used for static culture, mixing culture, and a combination of the two all at once thanks to the ability to independently control both the hardware and software.

Each chamber can fit one 96- or 24- well plate and a corresponding lid to perform mixing culture. The system can also fit any plate format with its cover for static culture, including two 384-well and 96-well plates if they’re placed vertically.

Unlimited possibilities

Other analysis kits like enzymatic assays, activity assessment and several steps in ELISA can be performed simultaneously.

The C.NEST Microbioreactor System is a powerful tool in many application areas

Cell Line Development

High-Throughput screening

Drug Development

Cell Culture Research

3D Cell Models

Single-Cell Workflow

Upscalable design in capacity

Upscalable design enables customization of capacity and throughput for personalized solutions, and increases efficiency and productivity.

Intuitive software interface

  • User-friendly design
  • Robust model that controls up to 16 chambers with one laptop
  • Easy-to-use with clear step-by-step instructions

Your solution for optimized cell line development

Your solution for optimized
cell line development