Application note

C.BIRD™ | An Innovative Cell Culture for Human T Cells

C.BIRD™ | An Innovative Cell Culture for Hybridoma in Early Stages

C.BIRD™ | Improving Oxygen Transfer in Standard 96-well Plates Using the C.BIRD™ Microbioreactor

C.BIRD™ | High-throughput Screening of Recombinant Clones in Microscale

C.BIRD™ | Incorporation of Optimized Cell Culture Environment in 24-well Plates for Suspension Cells

C.BIRD™ | Providing Optimal Suspension Culture Conditions in 96-well Plates and Superior Comparability with Large-scale Shaker-flask Culture Environments.

C.BIRD™ | A Microbioreactor that Enables Suspension Culture in 96-well Plates for Improved Cell Growth and Recombinant Protein Yield.